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Professional Development

One is the Loneliest Number: A Survival Workshop for Solo & Small Shop Researchers

By: Wafae Belkadi | Apr 17

Small Shop, Big Impact

By: Elizabeth Conner | Aug 31

Hey Advocacy Podcast

By: Elizabeth Conner | Jul 16

Body of Knowledge

By: Elizabeth Conner | Jun 15

2018 Chapters Share the Knowledge Webinar: Apra Canada

By: Elizabeth Conner | Mar 21

Planned Gift vs. Major Gift Identification

By: Elizabeth Conner | Feb 15

New Researcher Bundle 1

By: Apra Headquarters | Sep 22

The Apra Body of Knowledge -- Make It Work For You

By: Apra Headquarters | May 21

Be the Change: Opportunities for Leadership and Change Management

By: Apra Headquarters | May 8

The Prospect Development Office as Agents of Change

By: Apra Headquarters | May 8

Creating and Managing Change with Kaizen

By: Apra Headquarters | Apr 30