Strengthening Partnerships with Faculty

The UW Medicine advancement team saw the unharnessed prospect pipeline potential of their health care system, so they empowered faculty members to participate in the donor engagement process. The result? Meaningful partnerships and increased philanthropic support.

Ask the Ethicist: What’s the Harm in Using AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already engrained in our everyday lives, so implementing AI driven donor segmentation should be a no-brainer, right? Not exactly. Dive into these important considerations before automating your next fundraising strategy.

Apra Reviews: ‘Prospect Research #ChatBytes: A Podcast by and for Prospect Research Professionals’

In the market for a new prospect research podcast? Hear from Jennifer Huebner as she reviews Prospect Research #ChatBytes, diving into select episodes and how they can apply to your work.

Culture Building: Standards of Collaboration Part II — The OG: Jon’s Management Rules

Are you looking for ways to improve culture at your workplace? Learn from author Lindsey Nadeau as she writes about her experience with team culture and how it can make or break success with coworkers.