About APRA

New Researchers Symposium Faculty Committee

The New Researchers Symposium Committee focuses on Apra's Winter New Researchers Symposium and the New Researchers Symposium at the Prospect Development conference. Committee goals include: ensuring that registered NRS attendees are viewing online modules, crafting communications from Apra ahead of event to complete modules, and creating a benchmark for future symposia. The NRS Committee also works to achieve a post-event feedback of 90% ‘satisfied’ or better for NRS overall as well as 90% ‘satisfied’ or better for each session.

Anne Brownlee

Director of Prospect Research
New York University

Carrick Davis

Director, Research & Prospect Managment
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO

Andillon Hackney

Director, Development Research
UC San Diego Advancement
La Jolla, CA

Janet L. Weimar

Senior Prospect Management Analyst
University of Iowa Center for Advancement