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Prospect Development Driving Campaigns: Are You Ready to Steer?

By: Wafae Belkadi | Sep 28

How to Leverage Annual Goals Setting for High-Impact Campaign Engagement

By: Wafae Belkadi | Sep 28

Empowered Gift Officers & Portfolios; From portfolio optimization to strategic partnership for success

By: Wafae Belkadi | Sep 28

Designing Discovery: How Kansas State Creates Engagement to Send Qualified Leads to Gift Officers

By: Wafae Belkadi | Sep 28

Answering the Hard Questions: Gift Acceptance and Due Diligence

By: Wafae Belkadi | Sep 28

A to Z Campaign Prep

By: Wafae Belkadi | Sep 28

$6 Billion Plan - Campaign Success - Prospect Research, Data Analytics, Relationship Management

By: Wafae Belkadi | Aug 27

From the Heights of the Pyramids: Demystifying Campaign Pyramids One Stone At a Time

By: Wafae Belkadi | Aug 27

Think Like a Philanthropist

By: Wafae Belkadi | Aug 27

Campaigns Bundle 1

By: Elizabeth Conner | Mar 12

Everything I Needed to Know About Prospect Development, I Learned From World of Warcraft

By: Elizabeth Conner | Nov 20

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: What AI will Mean to the Future of Philanthropy

By: Elizabeth Conner | Oct 31

P2P Predictive Analytics: Crystal Ball to Success

By: Elizabeth Conner | Sep 10

Campaign Goal and Staffing Size Decisions: Two Sanity Checks Sure to Please

By: Elizabeth Conner | Sep 7

Body of Knowledge

By: Elizabeth Conner | Jun 15

Keeping It Fresh

By: Elizabeth Conner | Jun 1

Using Wealth Insights & Analytics to Boost Year-End Fundraising

By: Elizabeth Conner | Apr 19

Wealth Screening Versus Modeling: Finding the Right Balance for Your Grateful Patient Program

By: Elizabeth Conner | Apr 12

Using RFM Analytics to ask the right person for the right amount at the right time

By: Elizabeth Conner | Mar 26

Maximizing Fundraising Efforts by Leveraging Data Science & Machine Learning

By: Elizabeth Conner | Feb 21

Putting Mid-Level Prospects on Your Radar: Helping Often Overlooked Donors Take Flight

By: Apra Headquarters | Sep 26

Feeding the Pipeline: Implementing a Proactive Referral Process

By: Apra Headquarters | Aug 8

Of, By and For the People: A Presidential Research Liaison Structure in a Campaign

By: Apra Headquarters | Aug 7

Act Now: The Intentional Career Plan

By: Apra Headquarters | Aug 7

Research Findings on Wealth & Philanthropy in the United States

By: Apra Headquarters | Mar 2

Fully Engaged: Quantifying Engagement for Recognition and Strategy

By: Apra Headquarters | Aug 18

Make Sure You See the Forest AND the Trees When Preparing for Campaigns

By: Apra Headquarters | Aug 18

Assessing Return on Investment for Modeling and Screening

By: Apra Headquarters | Aug 12

The Value of Predictive Analytics

By: Apra Headquarters | Dec 10

Conducting a Portfolio Scrub

By: Apra Headquarters | Oct 29

Why Don't We Just Ask Them: Surveys and Interview for Prospect Identification

By: Apra Headquarters | Sep 30

Wish I Knew Then, What I Know Now: Managing a Capital Campaign Full of Firsts

By: Apra Headquarters | Sep 9

Breaking the Pyramid: Planning Successful Campaigns in the Shape of Today’s Donors

By: Apra Headquarters | May 8

Positioning Your Research Department for a Campaign

By: Apra Headquarters | Apr 27

Ready to Launch: A Strategic Planning Approach to Campaigns

By: Apra Headquarters | Apr 24