Onsite Volunteer Roles

Please note: there are no conference discounts, free workshops/sessions, payments or reimbursements of any kind given to volunteers in the on-site logistics roles. While anyone can volunteer, any volunteer expecting to attend sessions or participate in conference programs, meals, outings, etc., must be a paid registrant of the conference and have the appropriate badge to gain access to the conference program.

Ways to Volunteer:

Hospitality/Information Desk Attendant

As a Hospitality/Information Desk volunteer, you are responsible for acting as a local host for the conference. Don’t worry! You will have plenty of city resources at your fingertips and are not expected to be actual experts.

Your role is to:

  • Answer questions about things to do in Anaheim
  • Suggest places to eat (refer to lists)
  • Suggest others to join group activities
  • Coordinate sign-ups for any planned activities by maintaining the Bulletin Board near the Hospitality Desk
  • Answer questions about the conference schedule and meals
  • Offer general assistance and direction to registrants and passers-by, utilizing hotel maps
  • Call Apra staff should questions arise that the Hospitality Desk cannot answer

Hall Monitor

As a Hall monitor volunteer, you are responsible for helping direct attendees to sessions and answering questions.

Your role is to:

  • Become familiar with the property
  • Direct attendees to the correct breakout rooms
  • Be a smiling, friendly face in the hallways