Stay Ahead of the Game with Apra's Mobile App

Navigate Prospect Development 2017 like a pro with Apra's brand new mobile app! With the mobile app, you can:apraQuad1.png

  • Stay organized with up-to-the-minute Exhibitor, Speaker, and Event information
  • Receive important real-time communications from Show Organizers
  • Build a personalized schedule and bookmark exhibitors
  • Take notes and download event handouts and presentations
  • Rate the sessions you attend and comment on them, too
  • Interactively locate sessions and exhibitors on the maps
  • Find attendees and connect with your colleagues through Friends
  • Stay in-the-know and join in on social media
  • Share your event photos and experiences with the Activity Feed
  • Find Anaheim Local Places
  • And much, much more!

Downloading the app is easy!

iPhone and Android users: Simply click the buttons below to access the app in your provider's app store. 

GooglePlay.png Mobile Event App for the APRA event

All other device types (including BlackBerry, Windows, and all other web browser-enabled devices): While on your smartphone, point your mobile browser to to be directed to the proper download version for your device.

Getting Started (keep reading, it's important)

To log in to the app, your username is the email you used to register for the conference. Your password is ApraPD2017 (case-sensitive). 

Once you've logged into the app, you may choose to make your profile public to utilize the networking features. Follow these steps to make your profile public:

  1. Click on the gear icon on the upper right-hand side of the green Dashboard bard
  2. Select "My Profile"
  3. Check the box "Tap here to publish your profile to the networking list to engage other users of the app"

Questions? Contact