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Apra’s Prospect Development Conference Guide Pilot Program

Attending Apra’s Prospect Development (PD) Conference for the first time can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the industry and those from solo or small shops. They may feel at a loss for how to maximize the event’s opportunities and network effectively. This is particularly true as the conference pivots to a virtual environment for the first time.

Apra’s Membership Committee has partnered with the Conference Planning Committee to support first-time PD attendees with a brand new PD Guide Pilot Program. The program will match first-time PD conference participants with more veteran attendees who have volunteered to be guides. Guides will help first-time attendees navigate the conference experience within a structured yet personal framework for maximum inclusion, accessibility and value. Specific goals include:

  • Help first-time attendees leverage the conference’s educational, sponsor and exhibit offerings that will benefit them most
  • Introduce newcomers and colleagues to make networking easier and more comfortable
  • Steward first-time attendees through reflecting on their takeaways and creating a plan for actualizing their newfound knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I participate, what will be expected of me?

Each pair will meet three times – once before the conference, once during, and once after:

  • Before: The first meeting will focus on helping the newcomer plan how to optimize their PD experience based on their key objectives.
  • During: The second meeting will be a virtual networking experience in small groups, in which the guide can help facilitate introductions and conversations.
  • After: The third meeting will concentrate on debriefing and creating an action plan to prioritize, share and enact takeaways from the conference. 

Apra will provide supporting materials, including a checklist for the first-time attendees and a resource cheat sheet for the guides. All you need to bring is your brain and a willingness to learn/help!

What if I sign up, but later find I’m unable to make the meet-ups or can’t participate anymore?

That’s okay! Just work with your partner to find another time to connect. If something changes to where you simply can’t participate, let us know and we’ll assign a new partner as needed. Before that happens though, Apra asks that you make good faith efforts to honor your commitment.

This sounds great! How do I participate?

When you register for PD, you will be asked about your attendance experience. Your answer to that question will lead you to the option to be a guide or to receive a guide, as appropriate. Apra’s Volunteer Chair will contact you and introduce you to your partner prior to the conference. Volunteers are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and space is limited to 40 pairs.