PDVE 2020 Conference Highlights Bundle

PDVE 2020 The Future of Giving Bundle

PDVE 2020 Professional Growth Bundle

PDVE 2020 Partnerships and Collaboration Bundle

PDVE 2020 Data Driven Bundle

Prospect Development 2.0: A Guided Journey Toward Designing a Frontline-Centric PD Team

Not Just a Newsletter: How Communication Can Transform Your Prospect Management Program

Negotiating Research Requests: Finding a Common Ground for Common Good

Measuring Yourself: Metrics for Prospect Research and Management

Let the Bird Fly: Working Remotely in a Caged Environment

Elevating Your Prospect Development Team Profile

Developing an Amazing Team in Prospect Development

Creating a Prospect Development Road Map

Building Relationships with Gift Officers: A Tactical Approach Through Fundraising Philosophy

Ask the Ethicist - LIVE!

One is the Loneliest Number: A Survival Workshop for Solo & Small Shop Researchers

Small Shop, Big Impact

Hey Advocacy Podcast

Body of Knowledge

2018 Chapters Share the Knowledge Webinar: Apra Canada

Planned Gift vs. Major Gift Identification

New Researcher Bundle 1

The Apra Body of Knowledge -- Make It Work For You

Be the Change: Opportunities for Leadership and Change Management

The Prospect Development Office as Agents of Change

Creating and Managing Change with Kaizen