How Organizations Can Leverage Wealth Screening and Data from Donors Acquired during the COVID-19 Crisis to Accelerate Fundraising Growth and Improve Retention

Walking the Tightrope: Creating a Robust Due Diligence Program

The True Final Frontier: Corporate and Foundation Research and Relationship Management

The School of RenTech: Lessons in Prospect Research from the World's Most Elusive Hedge Fund

Prospect Pools: Diving Into the Deep End

Prioritizing Corporate Prospects: Case Study

Philanthropic LLCs: the future of giving

Needles in the Haystack: How to Sort through Piles of Data to Find Your Best Prospects

Grateful Patient Screening in Indiana University Health Foundation's Inaugural Year

DIY D&I: Diversifying Your Board, Your Constituent Base, and Your Research Office

Adventures in Verification: A Story About Value, Varieties & Volume

A New Hope?: Cryptocurrencies in Philanthropy

Federal Data Privacy Policy and the Social Good Sector

Know Your Donor, Mitigate Risk – Due Diligence for Nonprofit Organizations

Find the Major Gift Donor of Your Dreams: The Importance of Affinity Ratings and Customization

Ask the Ethicist Live

Do More with Less: How to Maximize Your Fundraising Efforts

Strategy Beyond Screening

Virtual and Traditional Office Environments: Are They Created Equal?

The Easy Button for Event Prep: Implementing a Proactive Event Briefing Process

Biting Off as Much as You Can Chew: Managing the Wealth Screening Data Smorgasbord

Guidance for Empowered Fundraisers and Effective Prospect Management

What We Learned From Analyzing Two Years Of Screening Data

Driving the Donor Journey: A Guide to Descriptive Modeling

It’s Been a Year: Lessons in Implementation and Compliance with GDPR et al.

Identifying the Next Generation of Donors: Leveraging Social Media

Strategy Beyond Screening

One is the Loneliest Number: A Survival Workshop for Solo & Small Shop Researchers

3 Tactics for Purposeful Prospect Research 

Six Ways to Spot High Value Donors

Precision Prospect Personalization: Using Wealth & Lifestyle Data to Enhance Fundraising Effort

Uses of Genealogical Sources in Prospect Research

From Prospect Identification to Referral to Gift: Follow-up and Follow-through!

New Researchers and Why They Should Love Prospect Development

The Power of One! Prospect Research for the Small Shops

Did I Do That? Turn the Top 5 Prospect Research Mistakes into Learning Opportunities

Wealth Screening: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

P2P Predictive Analytics: Crystal Ball to Success

General Data Protection Regulations and The Future of Prospect Research

Building, Scaling and Sustaining a Successful Patient and Family Giving Program

Building Relationships Outside of Development

Vanishing Act: Making Yourself “Replaceable”

Social Media: Occupation to Family Info

The Power of One! Prospect Research for the Small Shops

Diversity, Capacity, and Engagement: Prospecting for Volunteer Leadership

International Research Bundle

Industry-Specific Research Bundle 1

Take Your GPP to the Next Level: Managing and Analyzing Your Patient Screening Data for Fiscal Year-End Action

Body of Knowledge

Keeping It Fresh

The 3 Keys to More Confident Fundraising

Using Wealth Insights & Analytics to Boost Year-End Fundraising

Wealth Screening Versus Modeling: Finding the Right Balance for Your Grateful Patient Program

The Three Essential Components to Building Your Donor Profile

Conservation Conversations

2018 Chapters Share the Knowledge Webinar: Apra Carolinas

Data Decisions: How to Capture, Combine and Consume Data to Drive Stewardship

Maximizing Fundraising Efforts by Leveraging Data Science & Machine Learning

Planned Gift vs. Major Gift Identification

Plug In to Prospect Research 2017 Bundle

Are You Still Screening in the Dark Ages? Best Practices for Screening in the 21st Century

How to Identify Major Gifts in Plain Sight

Year-End Database Audit: Tips to Prepare Your Nonprofit for 2018

Prospect Development Trends

Evaluating and Rating Commercial Real Estate Owners

UK Fundraising and European Data Protection Ruling: What It Means, What to Do

Prop. 13 and the California Real Estate Revolution

Privacy and Prospecting: A Canadian Perspective

Feeding the Pipeline: Implementing a Proactive Referral Process

Of, By and For the People: A Presidential Research Liaison Structure in a Campaign

Asia: A Continent in Perspective

Get the Most out of Wealth Screening

Collective Giving: Philanthropy as a Team Sport

Research Findings on Wealth & Philanthropy in the United States

Freakout Friday: You and Your Bubble

Basic Data Security and Hygiene for Development and Advancement Staff

Raters Gonna Rate

Gift Capacity Ratings: Uses and Abuses

Data for Sale: Collecting and Using Data for Prospect Research

The Wonderful Wizards of Odds & Ends - The Person(s) Behind the Curtain: The Unseen World

International Fundraising: Cultural Intelligence

Industry Corner II: Firm Funding Lifecycle – Role of Venture Capital and Private Equity

Assessing Return on Investment for Modeling and Screening

Streamline & Accelerate Prospect Development Research

Promoting Prospect Intelligence with Supplemental Data Appends

International Prospect Research: Approaches and Country-Specific Considerations

We Have Always Done it That Way: The Tension Between Tradition and Best Fundraising Practices

How Do My Constituents Compare to Those At Other Organizations: A Case Study From Rice University

Prospect Affinity Questions? How to determine a prospect’s potential to give to your cause

The Value of Predictive Analytics

Using Automation to go from “Research Sent” to “Gift Received”

International Search: Seeing the Whole Picture

Conducting a Portfolio Scrub

Why Don't We Just Ask Them: Surveys and Interview for Prospect Identification

How Is Your Organization Working in the Clouds?

Investment Advisers: Where to Find Financial Info & How to Make Sense of It All

Exploring Philanthropy Coast to Coast

True Detective: "Apprehending" Prospects Proactively

Research Stages: Hold the Profile

Industry Corner: Identifying and Cultivating Prospects from the Law, Pharmaceutical, and Startups

Deciphering Art Wealth

From New Acquaintances to VIPs

Realize the Untapped Potential in Your Database

Prospect Affinity Questions? Uncover New Ways of Finding and Using External Giving Data

Refresh: Stockholdings Research: Understanding SEC Filings

Refresh: Building a Successful Prospect Identification Program

Social Donor Management: Big Data, Big Gifts

Breaking the Pyramid: Planning Successful Campaigns in the Shape of Today’s Donors

It’s All About Who You Know: Harnessing Connectors & Relationship Mapping

Challenging Research Myths and Uncovering More Major Gifts

Four Ways to Streamline Prospect Development

Refresh: How to Estimate Private Company Value – And Rate A Prospect With The Information

Quick Tricks for Cosmopolitan International Research

Managing Principal Gift Programs, Services, and Pipeline

Venturing into High-Tech Research

Points, Pivots and Pins: Utilizing Healthcare Clinic Lists

Using Surveys to Complement Prospect Research

Automate, Innovate, Don’t Hate: The New School of Prospect Research

Training Perspectives: Newbie to Seasoned Researcher

Fundamentals of International Research

Access People, Advance Major Gifts

Partnerships to Identify and Engage Prospects

Guiding Prospect Management to Success

Physician-Driven Prospect Discovery

Approaching the Right People

Developing a Prospect Research Strategic Plan for a Cause-Related Organization

Priority Management: Strategies for the Stressed

Today's Most Advanced Research Techniques

Social Media, Ethics & Prospect Research

Building a Proactive Research Powerhouse

Becoming a Confident Prospect Researcher

Successful Results Using Genealogical Methods

Stewards of the Data

Securing Principal Gifts to Further Your Organization’s Mission

Who Can it Be Now? Prospect Identification without Alumni

Foundation Prospect Research

Behind the Scores – The Untold Story of Data

Monitoring Economic Drivers and Prospect Motivation

Implementing an Electronic Wealth Screening

Wealth-X Demo: Domestic and International Research Focus

Development Research and Events: A Prospecting Bonanza

Is Your Organization Working in the Clouds?

Qualifying Cold Prospects: A Case Study

Understanding Real Estate's True Value

Finding the Time and the People: How to Include Proactive Research in Your Workload

Building the Pipeline Without History

The Strategic Researcher - In a Position to Make a Difference

Positioning Your Research Department for a Campaign

Demystifying the Emerging Energy Business

Under the Microscope: Prospect Identification and Screening

Ready to Launch: A Strategic Planning Approach to Campaigns

Using Data for Metrics, Measurement: Promoting the Value of Research

Approaches for Evaluating Wealth and Rating for Gift Capacity

Mining Social Media: A Starter Package