Watch the PRSPCT-L Launch Webinar that took place on Friday, February 16, 2018.

  • If was subscribed to the old PRSPCT-L, how do I login now?

    If you were previously subscribed and did not have a login to, we have created one for you. Please click login in the top right corner of the site and utilize the Username and/or Password Help.

    Forgot Password

    Submit the email you had subscribed with and click ok. The system will send you an email with a temporary password and a link to set a permanent one. This email should be received within minutes. If you are not receiving this email, please check you spam folder. If you still have not received it, please contact

    If you had a login to, you will utilize that account to participate in the new PRSPCT-L.

  • How do I subscribe to a discussion?

    Navigate to the discussion topic of your choice. If you are not subscribed, you will see an envelope (subscribe) icon in the left menu.

    PRSPCT-L Subscribe Envelope

    When you subscribe, the system will ask you what type of subscription you would like. Then the envelope will go away showing you have successfully subscribed.

  • PRSPCT-L used to send me the full text of the posts, but now it is only sending links.

    This is an option you can change. When you are logged in to the site, click on My Options > My Subscriptions. You can update this to either immediate email or the Full Digest with Links. Both of those options will give you the full content of the forum post. You can update your subscription type by clicking the pencil/paper icon next to the discussion topic

    PRSPCT-L Edit Subscription

  • How do I unsubscribe from a forum?

    When you are logged in to the site, click on My Options > My Subscriptions. You can then choose to delete your subscriptions to specific forum topics by clicking on the x next to the discussion topic.

    PRSPCT-L Unsubscribe

  • How do I post to a Discussion?

    There are two ways to post to a Discussion.

    1. Navigate to the topic you want to post in and click (Add a Thread) the Plus icon in the left menu bar.

    PRSPCT-L Add a Thread

    Or click on an already existing thread and select Reply.

    2. You can use the new listserv functionality and post or reply using your email client. You must first be subscribed to the topic. Each topic will have an email address that you can use to email your posts to. You can find this just below the topic title.

    PRSPCT-L Listserv Address

  • Am I able to add a post to multiple topics at once?

    Yes! You must be subscribed to both topics in order to do this. Then simply email the addresses of both topics from your personal email client (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). You can find the email address for each topic on the landing page for the discussion topic beneath the title.

    PRSPCT-L Listserv Address

  • How do I post a file?

    There are two ways to add the file.

    1. Quick Add by typing the file name into the box, then click the post button.

    Quick File Post

    Then click update file then browse your desktop. Then click to add a file and browse your files for the document you wish to load. You can load any file type. Click OK to save the file to the library.

    Quick File Post

    2. Use the Plus Sign on the left side menu.

    Add File Icon

    Then proceed to fill out the form. This way allows you to enter a description for your file.

    Extended Post

    The classification is not required. Tags can be added to help with searchability. Update the document type from the drop down. Then click to add a file and browse your files for the document you wish to load. You can load any file type. You can also load multiple files if needed.

    Extended Post

    Please contact if you have any questions.

  • Are there any conduct rules for PRSPCT-L?

    Apra welcomes and encourages participation in discussions within PRSPCT-L, however, Apra reserves the right to remove inappropriate or offensive posts, along with those that may violate client privilege or inappropriately promote products or services. We ask you to use the following guidelines.

  • What prompted the change to the new platform?

    PRSPCT-L is a valued resource, and Apra hopes to make it even more valuable to you. With the help of a taskforce made up of long-time PRSPCT-L users, Apra surveyed members and subscribers regarding their PRSPCT-L use, analyzed the data that was received, assessed multiple options and ultimately designed a plan to revamp PRSPCT-L.