The True Final Frontier: Corporate and Foundation Research and Relationship Management

The Rosetta Stone: Partnering with Frontline Leadership to Build a Relationship Management System from the Ground Up

The Office Meets Prospect Development: How PAM and DWIGHT Are Changing Relationship Management

Teaming Up to Pare Down: A Case Study in Portfolio Makeover at Wisconsin

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day--Constructing a Prospect Management System for All

Rethinking Relationship Management Guidelines in an Age of Data Privacy

Prospect Management: Building & Evolving Advancement & Fundraiser Partnership in Post-Secondary

Priming the Pipeline with Real Time, Actionable Prompts

Hacking Excel for Reporting and Predicting Fundraiser Performance

Fully Realized: Using the Database to Manage Fundraisers & Fundraising Priorities

A Series of Informative Events: Lessons from Running a Fundraiser Training Program

Strategy Beyond Screening

Leadership is Hard ... And That's OK

Clue, Monopoly, Risk – Prospect Development as an International Game and How to Play It

Herding Cats: Working Productively with Fundraisers

$6 Billion Plan - Campaign Success - Prospect Research, Data Analytics, Relationship Management

Setting Up a Campaign Prospect Pipeline - All This Data! Where Do We Go From Here?

Biting Off as Much as You Can Chew: Managing the Wealth Screening Data Smorgasbord

Beyond Capacity: Wrangling Ratings for Fundraising Success

All A-Board! Successful Board and Senior Executive Peer Reviews, Expectations, and Communication

Think Like a Philanthropist

Guidance for Empowered Fundraisers and Effective Prospect Management

What We Learned From Analyzing Two Years Of Screening Data

Driving the Donor Journey: A Guide to Descriptive Modeling

Strategy Beyond Screening

Plug In to Relationship Management 2018 Bundle

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: What AI will Mean to the Future of Philanthropy

P2P Predictive Analytics: Crystal Ball to Success

Prospect Management as a Change Agent

Herding Cats: The Art of Prospect Management

Riding into the Sunset: Implementing a System to Roll Prospects Out of Development Officer Portfolio

Control, Alt, Delete: Rebooting Portfolio Enthusiasm

Take Your GPP to the Next Level: Managing and Analyzing Your Patient Screening Data for Fiscal Year-End Action

Body of Knowledge

Gamify Campaign Moves Management using Tableau

Keeping It Fresh

The 3 Keys to More Confident Fundraising

Using Wealth Insights & Analytics to Boost Year-End Fundraising

Wealth Screening Versus Modeling: Finding the Right Balance for Your Grateful Patient Program

The Three Essential Components to Building Your Donor Profile

Data Decisions: How to Capture, Combine and Consume Data to Drive Stewardship

Maximizing Fundraising Efforts by Leveraging Data Science & Machine Learning

Strategizing Stewardship and Donor Management for Major Gift Donors

More than Donor vs. Non-Donor: Top 3 Segmentation Strategies to Drive Efficiency and Engagement

Are You Still Screening in the Dark Ages? Best Practices for Screening in the 21st Century

Year-End Database Audit: Tips to Prepare Your Nonprofit for 2018

Prospect Development Trends

Putting Mid-Level Prospects on Your Radar: Helping Often Overlooked Donors Take Flight

Relationship Management Bundle 1

Feeding the Pipeline: Implementing a Proactive Referral Process

Of, By and For the People: A Presidential Research Liaison Structure in a Campaign

Act Now: The Intentional Career Plan

Top 5 Stops Along the Data Journey that Create the Biggest Impact on Your Mission

Get the Most out of Wealth Screening

Collective Giving: Philanthropy as a Team Sport

Research Findings on Wealth & Philanthropy in the United States

How Non-Profits Can Deepen Relationships with Donors Using Analytics and Moves Management

Data for Sale: Collecting and Using Data for Prospect Research

More Than a Data Scrub: Crafting an Ongoing Portfolio Consultation Service

Fully Engaged: Quantifying Engagement for Recognition and Strategy

Optimize Prime: Prospect Management for Portfolio Reviews

The Power of Data Visualization, Prospect Management, and Fundraisers

Assessing Return on Investment for Modeling and Screening

Streamline & Accelerate Prospect Development Research

Promoting Prospect Intelligence with Supplemental Data Appends

Inside Fundraiser Performance

We Have Always Done it That Way: The Tension Between Tradition and Best Fundraising Practices

How Do My Constituents Compare to Those At Other Organizations: A Case Study From Rice University

The Value of Predictive Analytics

Conducting a Portfolio Scrub

Why Don't We Just Ask Them: Surveys and Interview for Prospect Identification

Essential Components of Relationship Management Systems

Equal Partners: Together at the Strategy Roundtable

Say What? Communicating For Results

Research Stages: Hold the Profile

Corporate & Foundation Relations: Creating Impact

From New Acquaintances to VIPs

Refresh: Building a Successful Prospect Identification Program

Strategic Partnerships with Gift Planning

Breaking the Pyramid: Planning Successful Campaigns in the Shape of Today’s Donors

Beyond What They Ate For Lunch: Making the Most of Contact Reports

Portfolio Management

Strategies for Managing Prospect Data

Four Ways to Streamline Prospect Development

A Decade of Supporting Open Cultivation

Points, Pivots and Pins: Utilizing Healthcare Clinic Lists

Training Perspectives: Newbie to Seasoned Researcher

Dynamic Portfolios: A Research Perspective

Creating a Solicitation-Driven Relationship Management System

Access People, Advance Major Gifts

Partnerships to Identify and Engage Prospects

Guiding Prospect Management to Success

Physician-Driven Prospect Discovery

Deciphering the Information: A Case Study

Making Relationship Management Work More Effectively

Monitoring Economic Drivers and Prospect Motivation

Improve Your Prospect Management System

Creating Effective Leadership Gift Strategies

Research-Driven Prospect Portfolios

Qualifying Cold Prospects: A Case Study

Building a Major Gifts Shop: Changing Perception

How to Get Work Done With Limited Resources by Optimizing Your Vendor Relationships

Leading Fundraiser Performance with Metrics

Building the Pipeline Without History

The Strategic Researcher - In a Position to Make a Difference

Positioning Your Research Department for a Campaign

Effective Relationship Management Systems

Essential Components of Relationship Management Systems