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2022 – 2023 Apra Board of Directors Candidate FAQ

The deadline to nominate yourself or a colleague for a 2022 - 2023 Board of Directors position has been extended to Tuesday, March 8. 

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Why should I consider Apra Board service?

Apra board service is an excellent way for you to grow and develop your leadership skills! Board members actively participate in strategic planning, budgeting, advocacy, visioning, and problem solving. You’ll gain organizational leadership experience relevant in any industry.

Board service is also a way for you to influence the future direction of prospect development and philanthropy. Apra is always looking to identify leaders who possess a variety of expertise. Succession planning is critical to the long-term health of the organization. Board service is a unique way for members to give back and to help shape the future of the association. Apra members are its best advocates.

How long does an Apra Board member serve?

Directors will be elected by the membership through a process of nominations outlined in the Bylaws and will serve 1 term of 3 years without the possibility of re-election unless voted into an Officer role.

How many Directors are on the Board?

No less than 10 and no more than 14 Board members shall serve Apra. This consists of 5 Officers and between 5 and 9 directors.

What is the role of the Apra Board?

The Apra Board is the governing body for the association. All members are expected to:

  • Adhere to legal standards and ethical norms
  • Oversee the financial health of the organization through strategy discussions, the budgeting process, monthly and annual financial review
  • Determine the strategic mission and direction of Apra
  • Ensure adequate resources and empower committees and teams to implement
  • Enhance Apra’s public standing
  • Set strategy and goals
  • Participate in strategic planning and visioning
  • Provide succession planning
  • Build relationships with peer organizations, chapter leaders and sponsors/exhibitors
  • Determine, monitor and strengthen the programs and services of Apra
  • Serve as a Board Liaison to Apra Committees

Apra partners with an association management company, Smithbucklin, that manages many operational and logistical aspects of the organization, including website and technology management, event planning, and advertising. This enables the Apra Board to focus on strategic guidance of the association.

Some strategic topics the Board has grappled with include:

  • How to evolve educational programming to meet the changing needs of our professional community
  • How to promote prospect development as the industry experts in ethics and compliance
  • How to integrate principles and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our association, profession, and industry

What are my specific responsibilities as a Board member?

Board members are expected to prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in Board and committee meetings.  They develop, review or monitor Apra long-range plans, such as budgets, investments, strategic and business plans.

Apra Board of Directors are expected to:

  • Identify any conflict of interest.
  • Arrive prepared for Board meetings and the annual conference.
  • Participate in discussions thoughtfully and responsibly.
  • Support the majority decision on issues decided by the Board.
  • Serve as a liaison to Apra committees. 

How often does the Board meet?

The Apra Board typically meets virtually by Zoom every other month, and in person between one and three times a year, including meeting at the annual Prospect Development Conference. Note that in the pandemic environment, the number of in-person Board meetings has fluctuated resulting in more frequent virtual meetings.

Here is the 2021-2022 Board schedule below as an example:

  • Thursday, September 23: 1.5 Hour Zoom Meeting
  • Thursday, November 12: 3 Hour Zoom Meeting
  • Thursday, November 19: 3 Hour Zoom Meeting
  • Wednesday, December 15: 1.5 Hour Zoom Meeting
  • Friday, February 11 to Saturday, February 12: In-Person Board Meeting in Washington D.C. 
  • Thursday, April 21: 1.5 Hour Zoom Meeting
  • Sunday, July 24 to Tuesday, July 26: In-Person Board Meeting in Atlanta at Prospect Development Conference 
  • Thursday, August 18: 1.5 Hour Zoom Meeting

Is prep work required for Board meetings?

Yes, the Board agenda and supporting material are sent 5-7 days in advance of the meeting. It is expected that all material is reviewed in advance.

What are the responsibilities of a Board Liaison to Apra Committees?

Board liaisons are the link between the Board and the work of the committees. Committee chairs count on the liaison to give them guidance and direction from the Board and to help clarify Board intentions. Board liaisons have current information that can help guide committees. As well, board liaisons can share committee questions or concerns that need to be brought to the attention of the leadership.

What is the dress code for Board meetings?

The in-person Apra Board meetings are business casual attire.

What are the travel requirements? How often will I be out of the office?

It is expected that Board members will attend all meetings including any scheduled in-person meetings (travel restrictions permitting), one of which immediately precedes the Annual Conference. Should business or prior commitments prevent attendance, it is asked that you communicate conflicts in a timely manner.

Will I have any out-of-pocket expenses?

Apra pays for all in-person meetings for Board members, which includes airfare, hotel, group transportation and meals. 

What preparation is provided to learn and understand Board roles and responsibilities should I be selected?

A Board orientation is scheduled at the beginning of the Prospect Development conference in late July/early August, prior to the beginning of each Board term. All new Board members attend this detailed presentation as a group, and a former Board member is assigned as a mentor to new Board members. There are unlimited opportunities to communicate with your colleagues on the Board, the executive director and the staff team to provide information. Board members are strongly encouraged to reach out and support one another.

Should I consult with my employer before considering Board service?

Yes, it’s a good idea to share the expectations of Board service with your department. Since there are time commitments involved, it would be beneficial to ensure that you’ll have the support from your employer to succeed. Many organizations will see Apra Board service as a positive career opportunity and reflect well on the institution as well.

 Is my candidacy confidential?

Yes, only the Nominations Committee members see application material. As committee members, they have signed a confidentiality form. Board members not on the committee do not have access to this information.