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The Apra Foundation was founded in 1998 to support educational opportunities and professional development for individuals engaged in advancement research and to serve as the charitable arm of Apra. The Foundation Board of Trustees is comprised of leaders in our industry who have served or currently serve on the Apra Board of Directors. Support of the Margaret Fuhry Award is one of the Foundation’s primary activities. 

The upcoming focus of the Foundation Board of Trustees will be identifying opportunities both to generate contributions for the Foundation and to grant those funds to support professional development. Look for new initiatives designed to recognize dedication and service to the prospect development field.

The Apra Foundation is proud to fund Apra's annual Margaret Fuhry Award and Distinguished Service Award. More information can be found online here.

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Apra Breathes: Quick Guided Meditation Session for Community Renewal

Join us for a guided meditation session with the Apra community at Prospect Development 2022 on Wednesday, July 27!

During this session, you will be invited to un-plug, unwind and unite through the power of breath. For meditation practitioners of all levels, you will learn how to focus and apply some simple breath-centered techniques to reconnect, renew and restore. All are welcome. No equipment, special clothing or previous experience required. Come as you are and set your intention for all that you will learn at Apra PD.

Led by: Rodger Devine, Apra Secretary, Apra Foundation Trustee, and Yoga/Meditation Instructor

Suggested donation: $10. All proceeds will go to the Apra Foundation Professional Development Assistance Fund to support your fellow Apra members.


Apra Foundation Professional Development Assistance Fund

The second 2022 Professional Development Assistant Fund submission portal is open! Please click here to submit your application

Since its inception, the PD Assistance Fund aims to help those who have experienced financial hardship continue to access the breadth of educational resources that Apra has to offer.

Recipients of the fund will receive $200 in Apra credits and will be able to work with Apra staff to apply their fund towards a live educational event or any item(s) available in our online store.

Please note, no proof is needed and your statement alone makes you eligible for your application to be reviewed. Your information will remain anonymous to the Board of Trustees and Apra membership. Submissions will be open twice a year, and recipients will be notified once at the beginning of the year and once mid-year.

Your name and contact information will be kept anonymous from the Apra Foundation Board of Trustees as they review and select applications. Recipients of the fund will also remain anonymous to the Apra membership.

Please note this funding round ends on Friday, May 13.

Apra Foundation Board of Trustees