Apra’s Campaign Toolkit

As Apra’s Body of Knowledge (BoK) evolves with the profession, the strategic decision was made to remove Campaigns as a BoK domain, and create in its place a guide to Campaigns to assist prospect development professionals in understanding and employing basic best practices through each stage of a campaign. Relevant skills from the Campaigns Domain have been integrated throughout the existing Body of Knowledge domains: Prospect Research, Relationship Management, and Data Science. 

This introduction to campaigns is a general overview, please note that the size and scope of your organization's campaigns will heavily determine the relevancy of the information.

Apra members can access this FREE resource through Apra University.

The guide features definitions, original content, perspectives, and curated resources on:

  • Campaign Types
  • Setting Your Campaign Budget
  • Campaign Types
  • Setting Your Campaign Budget
  • Campaign Phases
  • Campaign Feasability Interview Guidelines
  • Campaign Goal Setting
  • The Campaign Pyramid
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Working with Campaign Leadership
  • Working with Internal Partners
  • Working with External Partners
  • Due Diligence in a Campaign
  • Post-Campaign Strategy Activities

Read the Introduction to the Toolkit here.

With thanks, the Campaign Toolkit was developed by Apra’s Campaign Task Force. Contributors are cited throughout the toolkit.