Apra’s Campaign Toolkit

As Apra’s Body of Knowledge (BoK) evolves with the profession, the strategic decision was made to remove Campaigns as a BoK domain, and create in its place a comprehensive Campaign Toolkit to assist prospect development professionals in understanding and employing best practices through each stage of a campaign. Relevant skills from the Campaigns Domain have been integrated throughout the existing Body of Knowledge domains: Prospect Research, Relationship Management, and Data Science.

Apra members can access this FREE resource through Apra University.

The toolkit features definitions, original content, and curated resources on:

  • Campaign Types
  • Setting Your Campaign Budget
  • Campaign Types
  • Setting Your Campaign Budget
  • Campaign Phases
  • Campaign Feasability Interview Guidelines
  • Campaign Goal Setting
  • The Campaign Pyramid
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Working with Campaign Leadership
  • Working with Internal Partners
  • Working with External Partners
  • Due Diligence in a Campaign
  • Post-Campaign Strategy Activities

Read the Introduction to the Toolkit here.

With thanks, the Campaign Toolkit was developed by Apra’s Campaign Task Force. Contributors are cited throughout the toolkit.