About Apra

Industry Advisory Task Force (IATF)

Charge and responsibilities 
The Industry Advisory Task Force (IATF) has been appointed by the President with the charge to research, identify, and develop strategic recommendations to inform, guide and advance Apra’s profile, industry collaborations and business development opportunities with respect to its evolving suite of educational programs, products and services. 

To provide strategic and relevant recommendations, the IATF is composed of a group of volunteers and thought leaders from across all sectors of the fundraising industry. Member can speak to current industry trends and opportunities, embrace cross-functional perspectives, and help develop holistic understanding of Apra’s industry position, value delivery, and revenue diversification opportunities in both the short-term and long-term. 

Accomplishments and activities: 
The IATF will accomplish its charge and scope of work by reviewing Apra’s current offerings and recent industry benchmarking analysis and reports, and conducting industry landscape research (both quantitative and qualitative). The task force’s findings and recommendations will culminate in an executive report to be shared directly with the President, the Board and Apra Foundation trustees. 

Term of service and time commitment: 
IATF members will serve a one-year term, from September 1 to August 31. The task force will convene monthly via Zoom for one hour and will likely require additional work in between task force meetings, estimated at between 1-4 hours per month. The IATF may continue into the subsequent committee cycle if needed.