Chapter Resources

Welcome to the Apra Chapter Resources page. Below are various forms and templates to access annual reporting requirements and additional resources for your chapter. Contact with questions or suggestions for additional resources that would be valuable to your chapter.

You can access the Chapter Leader's Forum here if you are a Chapter Leader

Please visit the Annual Reporting Requirements page to view a list of information that needs to be submitted to Apra International. 

Annual Reporting Requirements

Apra chapters organize by incorporating under the nonprofit status provided by Apra International. Once a chapter incorporates through Apra, there are benefits that the chapter will enjoy. There are also reporting requirements. The Apra Chapter Liaison serves as a resource for questions your chapter may have in regard to these benefits and responsibilities.

View the Chapter Checklist for a full list of Annual Requirements.  

Chapter Checklist 

A snippet of the checklist is below for reference. 

Additional Resources and Templates