Data Minimization Toolkit

Welcome to the Data Minimization Toolkit developed by the Apra Ethics and Compliance Committee. In this comprehensive resource, we provide guidance and best practices for strategically managing personal data to achieve fundraising goals while respecting privacy and legal requirements. Organizations rely on data to make informed decisions daily, but it's crucial to ask questions about the data we use. This toolkit defines data minimization and its importance in today's world. Data minimization involves limiting the collection, storage, and retention of personal data to what is relevant and necessary for fundraising objectives. It offers various benefits, including compliance with privacy regulations, cost reduction, improved security, and constituent respect.

This toolkit equips you with the knowledge and tools to implement data minimization best practices, ensuring the efficient and ethical management of personal data in your organization.

Take control of your data management and enhance your organization's fundraising effectiveness while respecting privacy and legal requirements with the Data Minimization Toolkit.

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