Why Join?

  • Apra offers relevant education, professional development, peer insight and recognition, industry news and trends, and other resources to build your skill set, boost your organization's performance and advance your career
  • Apra membership connects you with a community of thousands of professionals with whom you can create life-long friendships, share ideas and successes, and prepare for every stage of your career
  • The community advocates not just for the organizations they serve but also creates awareness of and promotes the value and impact of prospect development professionals within the fundraising industry

Membership Types

Three distinct membership types offer myriad benefits to those in the prospect research field.

Apra members may transfer their membership to another person within your institution at any time. Should you need to cancel your Apra membership, an email must be sent to requesting a refund. This email must be received on or by March 1 to receive a full refund. No refunds will be issued after March 1. All refunds will be processed within 2 weeks of the cancellation request.

Associate MembershipAssociate Membership

Starting in 2023, Apra is offering a new Associate membership for prospect development researchers working on their own or in smaller shops, who do not have the budget to afford a Professional membership. At this level, members enjoy many but not all the Apra member benefits. You can view a full breakdown of the benefits structure in our membership matrix. The Associate membership rate is not available for Organizational or Group memberships. Associate members receive Apra benefits through the end of the calendar year. 

Membership Dues: $104

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Professional MembershipProfessional Membership

Professional membership allows one professional to receive access to Apra benefits through the end of that calendar year (memberships are only prorated the last quarter of the year when inclusive of the following year dues). Individuals who pay for their membership may transfer their membership to another individual or retain the membership if they change jobs within the calendar year. If an institution pays for an individual membership, the institution retains the right to transfer membership to another employee if the original designee leaves the institution. To transfer a professional membership, please contact

Membership Dues: $277

Organizational MembershipOrganizational Membership

Organizations with four or more members are eligible for Apra's organizational membership category. Organizational members receive tiered per-person discounts based on the number of members from within the same organization, making it easier for every prospect development person on your team to stay engaged with Apra year after year. If an institution pays for the membership, the institution retains the right to transfer membership to another employee if the original designee leaves the institution. Organizational members receive Apra benefits through the end of the calendar year. 

Discount Structure:

  • 4-7 members: 5% discount for each membership
  • 8-14 members: 10% discount for each membership
  • 15-20 members: 15% discount for each membership
  • 21+ members: 20% discount for each membership


Please note: Organizational memberships require one group administrator from within the organization to join. You will be required to create your group roster before you join. Please do not join as a professional or associate member if your organization wishes to purchase an organizational membership.

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Website Guest

Participation as a website-only guest allows you to purchase online educational sessions mapped to the Body of Knowledge through the Apra Online Store.

Note: Only the red fields are required when completing the guest registration form.

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