Apra Talks

Apra Talks is Apra's unique version of TED Talks, tailored specifically to Apra members and the topics that matter to you! Taking place each year at Apra's Annual Conference, this hit session features several of Apra's best-loved speakers as they discuss topics related to the prospect development industry.

Apra Talks 2022: The Context of Change: Perspectives on Philanthropy

In 2022, we’re building connections to changemakers from the broader philanthropic community and highlighting the work of organizations in our host city of Atlanta. Our work in prospect development occurs within larger social and organizational paradigms — and we’ve experienced fundamental shifts over the past two years. The speakers will share their insights into how they and their organizations are thinking and working differently as a result.

Apra Talks 2021: Communication can be hard. Words are important.

In both sharing professional judgment and debating the merits of something we believe in, there’s still one common theme we continue to see: communication can be hard and words are important. Apra Talks 2021 will seek to inform and spark conversation on three topic areas where our words sometimes get in the way. To support Apra's DEI efforts, this session has been closed captioned.

Apra Talks 2019: The Friendly Debate

During 2019's Apra Talks, passionate prospect development professionals told you why their side of a "hot" topic is the right opinion. Attendees interacted with industry leaders and practitioners via social media and the conference app by sharing their views on these issues.


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