Speaker Coaching

New to public speaking or presenting at Apra for the first time? Or maybe you are just looking for tips to improve your confidence and get your message across. The tips, videos and links below are available to all Apra members to help you stand up and stand out!

Speaking Made Easy

These tips and tricks will help you prepare to deliver a successful presentation!

Prepare | Practice your presentation out loud to be more comfortable
Smile | Make your attendees feel welcome and relaxed
Move Around | Don’t be glued to one spot
Relax | Release your shoulders from a squeezed position to relax
Introduce Yourself | Meet your audience members before you begin to give you friendly faces to connect with
Avoid Fidgeting | If you fidget while speaking, keep a paperclip or small item in one hand to keep it at bay
Talk Slowly | Breathe between points, enunciate and speak clearly
Have Confidence | Your audience has confidence in you — have confidence in yourself

How Do I Prepare?

Prepare Yourself
Am I dressed professionally?
Do I have a glass of water handy?
Do I know anyone who will be in the audience?
Am I familiar with the event space?
Prepare Your Presentation
Is the beginning of the presentation interesting? Middle? End?
Do I know it well enough to not need notes?
Does the flow lend itself naturally?
Is anything unclear to someone unfamiliar with the topic?
Prepare Your Speech
Am I making eye contact naturally?
Am I speaking clearly and slowly enough to understand?
Am I engaging the audience?
Have I allowed time for questions?

Where Can I Get More Tips?

New to speaking or presenting at an Apra event for the first time? Are you ready for some insider tips? This webinar is just for you! Apra has engaged some of the top speakers from the community to give you an insight on how to take your speaking skills to the next level.

Download the full webinar here or review the 10-minute modules below.

Download the slides here.

Preparing Your Presentation Material

Carrick Davis

Hear Carrick Davis, Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association, discuss taking your idea from submission to presentation and the questions you should ask             to communicate a stellar story.

Communicating Technical Concepts

Emma Hinke

Emma Hinke with Bentz Whaley Flessner covers techniques to convey technical information in a way that avoids jargon and focuses on outcomes.

Overcoming Anxiety

Misa Lobato

Misa Lobato of the University of Colorado shares her tips for overcoming anxiety by having a plan and practicing, practicing, practicing!

Taking your Notes from Paper to Session Room

Jessica Balsam

Listen to Jessica Balsam, University of Washington, provide ideas for scripting your presentation and creating a flow that keeps your audience focused.

Preparing a Practical Presentation

Brock Silvey

Brock Silvey from Northwestern University shares a few tricks to prepare a live session for success.

Try new ways to deliver your message using ideas from these video clips:

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Calm Your Nerves and Improve Your Confidence

Four Keys to a Killer Speech Introduction

What Shouldn't I Do?

Count how many opportunities for improvement there are in this "Worst Presentation Ever!"