PD Counselor Program First-time Attendee Checklist

Key Objectives (fill in your top 3 objectives for the 2024 conference)

  • Objective 1
  • Objective 2
  • Objective 3

Before the Conference 

  • Access the First Time Attendee Forum and ask questions.
  • Ask questions about which sessions you are interested in attending.
  • There will be a PD Counselor monitoring the First Time Attendee Forum to answer questions and offer guidance.
  • Write a list of any questions you'd like answered in the sessions you've chosen.
  • Create a plan for note taking (Word document, OneNote, pen and paper, etc.) 
  • Make sure you understand how to navigate the conference location (where to go, where to check in, how to get to the session you want, etc.) 
  • Note the hashtag, follow @Apra_HQ on Twitter, and get involved in the conversation on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)

During the Conference 

  • Attend the First Time Attendee Event where a panel of PD professionals will speak on a variety of topics and answer questions.
  • Set your email auto response, log out of your inbox, instant messenger, etc. and turn off notifications to minimize distractions and be fully present at the conference.
  • If you bring a laptop, test your technology (internet connection, speakers, platform access).
  • Take notes, ask questions, participate in session chats/Q&As, complete session evaluations and engage in conversations on social media.
  • Connect with new colleagues on social media, particularly LinkedIn and in the First Time Attendee Forum.
  • Check out the vendors to see which services might make your professional life easier.
  • Reflect on your notes at the end of each day to see how what you've learned relates to your key objectives.

After the Conference 

  • Reflect on the experience with the PD Counselor Program, including key takeaways, remaining questions, and an action plan for prioritizing, sharing, and acting on what you've learned.
  • Access recordings/slides of any sessions you wanted to attend but missed and schedule time on your calendar to view them.
  • Review social media for others' key takeaways by searching the hashtag.
  • Take the post-experience surveys for the conference and for the PD Counselor Program and follow up with your favorite vendors for free demos of their products.
  • Join the Exchagnge and continue the conversation.
  • Check out aprahome.org to peruse Apra University, the Body of Knowledge and upcoming events for more learning opportunities.
  • Volunteer with Apra to build your resume, serve your profession, hone your skills, network with colleagues and have fun! 


Contact Apra Headquarters at info@aprahome.org.