About Apra

Educational Professional Development (EPD) Committee

In accordance with established bylaws, policies and procedures, the Education and Professional Development Committee (EPD) will purposefully integrate Apra’s educational content, providing recommendations on what content should be developed based on industry trends, membership surveys, or conference feedback.

In addition, the Committee will oversee all educational programming for the year in accordance with the annual work plan and budget as directed by the Board and will work with Apra staff to ensure that the quality of educational programs is maintained and advanced. Programming refers to all educational events including, but not limited to virtual, online/on demand, in-person, and regional events. 

Committee accomplishments and activities:
Recent committee accomplishments include integrating Apra’s decentralized content pipelines into one source of truth, enabling transparent information sharing across committees and data-driven analysis of Apra’s content. Additionally, the EPD committee centralized and aligned Apra’s content tagging to optimize our website’s searchability. Select goals include building out a roadmap of Apra’s next online courses and leveraging Apra’s new expert database to inform quarterly content planning. 

Term of Service:
The Chair and all members of the Education and Professional Development Committee will serve a one-year term, typically commencing September 1 through August 31. 

Time Commitment:
The full Committee will typically meet by way of quarterly one-hour conference calls, whereas at-large members will meet monthly. Additional time will be required to complete action items as assigned, e.g., to share content pipelines, finalize content planning, identify integration opportunities, and to fine-tune marketing points for each educational session and program. The additional time required averages between 1-2 hours each month, in addition to other Committee responsibilities.