About Apra

Nominations Committee

Charge and responsibilities
The Committee will oversee the nominations and election process each year, by determining vacancies, by reviewing candidate applications, by conducting candidate and reference interviews and participating in thoughtful deliberations via scheduled committee meetings that ensure a slate of candidates for the Apra Board of Directors and Executive Committee is presented to the membership for a vote. Consideration will be given to maintaining diverse representation on the board in alignment with and as informed by the Apra’s Statement of Inclusion principles.

Term of Service:
The Chair and all members of the Nominations Committee will serve a one year term, typically commencing September through August.

Time Committment:
The committee will typically meet by way of conference call in at least three meetings. The committee will additionally conduct telephone interviews of the candidates over 2-3 days and will be available to gather feedback from candidates’ references. Nominations Committee members are expected to attend all scheduled conference calls. All committee members must commit to attend all interview calls and the call to determine the slate of candidates. It is estimated that the nominations and election work of the committee will be completed in twenty (20) meeting hours between the months of January through April.