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The Apra Exchange & Communities is a discussion group and mailing list of subscribers who work in non-profit fundraising, specifically those engaged in prospect research, data mining, analytics, and relationship management. Members may include practitioners who work directly in these capacities for a non-profit organization, are self-employed independent and freelance researchers, or are employed as fundraisers, consultants and vendors within the industry. This robust membership represents diverse perspectives and can provide opportunities for sharing opinions, views and expert advice. Be open-minded and considerate of the viewpoints expressed by all members, even if these views differ from your own. All subscribers are encouraged to participate in the conversations.

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Not sure which group your post belongs in? Use this forum for general Apra questions and topics.

Utilize this group for anything related to campaigns, including campaign infrastructure and design, goal setting and management, campaign priorities/themes, gift tables, and campaign constituent engagement.

This group's topics should be related to data manipulation and/or management, statistical techniques, visualization/reporting techniques, communicating analytics information to fundraisers/leadership, and scoring/modeling projects.

Utilize this group for anything related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in your institution or the industry.

This group contains topics and questions related to professional development within the prospect development industry. Post announcements for conferences and webinars, including calls for presenters.

This group's topics should be related to information management, utilizing research resources, financial capacity and wealth indicators, prospect interests and relationships, screenings, communicating research information to fundraisers/leadership, and capacity rating methodology.

Turn to this group for topics related to relationship management policy; KPIs, metrics; prospect pool analysis; prospect strategy; prospect pipeline and proposal analysis and management; communicating portfolio and proposal information to fundraisers/leadership; and fundraiser performance.

Use this group to discuss new, existing, and emerging tools and best practices that your peers and colleagues might find helpful. This would include requests for freelance help, databases, CRMs, websites, free tools, consultants, and vendors.