A Case Study on Getting Started with Predictive Analytics at the University of Washington - Seattle

Presenter: Dr. Jennifer MacCormack and Lilith Lysistrata, University of Washington - Seattle, and Michael Laracy, Rapid Insight, Inc.
Year: 2012
Price: Members: FREE; Nonmembers: $39
Body of Knowledge Alignment:
Domain: Data Analytics
Competencies and Levels: 

  • Competency 1: Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) Competencies, Level I & Level II
  • Competency 2: Project Management, Level I & Level II
  • Competency 3: Data Manipulation Skills, Level I & Level II
  • Competency 4: Statistical Techniques and Competencies, Level I
  • Competency 5: Visualization/Reporting Techniques and Competencies, Level I & Level II
  • Competency 6: Communication, Level I & Level II
  • Competency 7: Fund Raising Knowledge, Level I & Level II
  • Competency 9: Change Management/Strategic Thinking, Level I & Level II 

In this webinar, Dr. Jennifer MacCormack, Assoc. Director Advancement Research and Lilith Lysistrata, Sr. Advancement Data Analyst will share their experiences and discoveries on building a planned giving model. They will also talk about how they brought predictive analytics in-house with the help of the Rapid Insight® Analytic Suite. They will be joined by Michael Laracy, President of Rapid Insight Inc., who will give an overview of predictive donor modeling as well as a brief product demonstration.

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