Assessing Return on Investment for Modeling and Screening

Assessing Return on Investment for Modeling and Screening
Presenters: Kat Banakis, Senior Director, GG+A Analytics & Nikki Strothers, Assistant Director of Records, Stockton University
Year: 2016
Price: Member: FREE; Non-Member: $39
Body of Knowledge Alignment:
Domains: Prospect Research 1, 4 & 5; Relationship Management 3; Campaigns 6
Competencies and Levels:

  • PR: Competency 1: Information Management/Records Management, Levels I & II
  • PR: Competency 4: Utilizing Research Resources, Levels I & II
  • PR: Competency 5: Financial Capacity Evaluation and Wealth Indicators, Levels I & II
  • RM: Competency 3: Relationship Management Database Management, Levels I & II
  • CA: Competency 6: Campaign Analytics, Reporting and Data Management,Levels I & II

The webinar will cover the return on investment for modeling and re-modeling populations. The webinar will include an interview with Stockton University, which did modeling projects in 2011 and 2015. During that time, the institution expanded from a college to a university serving the Atlantic City community.

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