Guidance for Empowered Fundraisers and Effective Prospect Management

Speaker: Andy Reeher, Vice President, Data & Analytics, Blackbaud
Year: 2019
Price: Members: $0, Non-member: $39
Body of Knowledge Domains: Prospect Research, Relationship Management, and Campaigns

Description: Industry data suggests that significant opportunities exist within each organization’s database. A number of promising prospects are likely unassigned or under-engaged.

Of equal importance to identifying your best prospects is identifying and empowering your best gift officers to ensure effective prospect management. This webinar will feature an industry analysis of gift officer profiles and lifecycles to help you assess your current state and understand what drives gift officer performance. We’ll discuss data-driven solutions that can help you assess the value of varying approaches to gift officer and prospect management, identify practices that drive improved productivity, and improve return on your human capital investment.

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