Identifying the Next Generation of Donors: Leveraging Social Media

Presenter: Adam Haarer, Director of Client Relations at DonorSearch
Year: 2019
Price: Members: $0, Non-members: $39
Domains: Prospect Research, Data Science, Campaigns

Through social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram we are able to find new ways to connect and learn about the next generation of potential donors. In understanding how our Millennials and GenXer’s use social media we will be able to put our finger on the pulse of future philanthropy. In this presentation we will discuss how to fully understand your top tier donors with a more holistic view of your donor profile through the use of new databases and technology.

The nature of prospect research is changing. With technological advances such as artificial intelligence, social media, and digital centralization, the prospect research industry is facing new challenges and opportunities. Along with the advancement of technology comes changing donor demographics.

Combining these new databases with the building blocks of charitable giving, wealth data, and ultra-high net worth flags, we are able to create a comprehensive view of your donor prospects and how to understand them more fully.

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