Negotiating Research Requests: Finding a Common Ground for Common Good

PresenterJennifer Huebner, George Washington University, Josh Forsyth, University of Minnesota, Jaime Miranda, University of Southern California, University Advancement

Year: 2020

Price: Members: $49, Non-members: $79

Description: As prospect development professionals, we are faced with numerous requests for information each day from gift officers, as well as those in leadership positions within our organizations. Some of these are quick data points (e.g., what is my prospect’s new business address?), and others are larger in scope (e.g., what is this family’s history of giving to the university, and what is the extent of their engagement with us?). Oftentimes, these requests are last-minute in nature, with tight deadlines—and require clarification as far as what exactly the requester needs. This session will provide an overview of interpersonal skills as well as procedural tactics you can use to build or hone a process for negotiating these types of requests within your team. 

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