Quick Tricks for Cosmopolitan International Research

Presenter: Laura M. Johnson & Michie M. Spradling, University of Oregon
Year: 2014
Price: Members: $49, Non-Members: $79
Body of Knowledge Alignment:
Domain: Prospect Research

Competencies and Levels: 

  • Competency 2: Prospect Research Essentials, Level II
  • Competency 3: Ethics, Level II
  • Competency 4: Utilizing Research Resources, Level II
  • Competency 5: Financial Capacity Evaluation and Wealth Indicators, Level II
  • Competency 6: Prospect Interests and Networks/Relationships, Level II

Is your organization beginning to look abroad for new prospects? How do you approach core research questions across borders and languages? What tools are waiting to be discovered? This session will teach you a general framework for researching people and businesses outside the United States; translation tools and techniques to help leverage the information you have; and provide you with a list of free resources for prospecting in specific nations in East Asia, the Gulf Coast, and Northern Europe. The session will close with a group discussion of what works, obstacles we’ve learned from, and favorite resources to share.

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