Twitter Chat Recap: BoK This Way

On November 13, Meg Kinney, senior development research analyst at University of Colorado (@prspctrsrch) and Lori Hood Lawson, co-founder and CEO of WorkingPhilanthropy (@WorkingLori), led a discussion around Apra’s Body of Knowledge (BoK). Here are a few highlights from the hour-long conversation:

  • Developed by volunteers and PD professionals, Apra’s BoK launched in 2014. It outlines expected competencies in prospect research, relationship management, data analytics, and campaigns to succeed in our sector and help our organizations achieve their missions.
    • The prospect research domain seems to be the biggest focus for those on the line, with relationship management not far behind.
    • Data analytics continues to be a bit of an unknown to many: not always a pain point, just less understood.
    • A campaign can create a more urgent goal that unites the other three domains and focuses their competencies.
  • Prospect research is seen as the foundation of everything we do.
  • The BoK provides a guide to evaluate staff at all levels. It can also be used to write job descriptions, frame professional development, and for goal-setting.
  • Do you have a new member of the team? Use the BoK to help introduce them to the industry.
  • Team Exercise Idea: Score yourselves against the listed skills (0 = don’t know what this is; 3 = I teach on this) to discover everyone’s strengths, areas for needed development and where your team’s gaps are.
  • Need justification to attend an event or learning course? Share the BoK with your supervisor and note the skills that you will be able to improve upon through the requested training.

Search #aprachats on Twitter to review the full transcript, and be sure to follow @Apra_HQ to tune in to future Twitter chats!

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