Twitter Chat Recap: Leadership and What it Means to You

On Thursday, July 25, Apra members joined Anne Dean, George Washington University (@annepdean) and Kristin Richardson, Virginia Commonwealth University (@kfryrich) as they led a discussion around leadership and what it means to you. This Twitter Chat (#aprachats) reached over 9,000 accounts with almost 100 tweets.

Some highlights from the conversation include:

  • What is leadership?
    • It sees and encourages the best in people to help an organization achieve its mission.
    • Leaders set direction, map out where you need to go to “win” as a team.
    • Leaders illuminate the “why” for the team doing the “what”
  • Leadership skills should focus on two-way communication, empathy and strategic vision. A few other keywords participants shared: integrity, political savvy, accountability, adaptability and emotional intelligence.
  • Inspiring leaders never stop learning about themselves, how to lead, and how they want to lead – they stay curious.
  • Where are folks getting leadership training and tools? Apra’s educational resources, chapters, and Prospect Development conference, mentor networks developed over the years, resources within their organizations’ HR or academic units, and by observing leaders around themselves.
  • Top things an ideal boss can do for you:
    • Be a coach and a cheerleader
    • Let me shine and make the occasional mistake
    • Advocate for their teams, provide honest feedback, stay in touch
    • Set clear expectations
    • Bring humor and a personality to work
    • Be a great listener (hear, mirror, understand, act, follow-through, follow up, and hold accountable)
    • Let people experience failure while standing by their side

Search #aprachats to read more about what it takes to be a leader in prospect development. Stay tuned to @Apra_HQ for future Twitter Chats.


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