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Apra Foundation Professional Development Grants

In 2020, The Apra Foundation Board of Trustees introduced a new charitable initiative to support prospect development professionals who have experienced financial hardship due to COVID-19 or other factors. Apra members are able to apply for the grant and recipients will receive $300 in Apra credits to apply their grant towards a live educational event or any item(s) available in our online store. Submissions will be open in the spring each year and recipients will be notified if they have received funding. Submissions will be reviewed anonymously and recipients determined by the Apra Foundation Board of Trustees.

The Apra Foundation's goal is to expand even more professional development opportunities for members, chapters and those facing challenges in today’s world. These goals are not possible without the support of all of you and donations helps us move closer to having the grants to expand these offerings.

Applications for granting are now closed.