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2023 Apra Distinguished Service Award Application

2023 Apra Distinguished Service Award Explanation

Funded by the Apra Foundation

The Apra Distinguished Service Award honors an individual who has enhanced both the prospect developement profession and Apra through exceptional contributions beyond their daily paid work. The award takes into account professional competencies (the Apra Skills Set and the Body of Knowledge) and personal competencies (contributions that facilitate learning and talents that are exceptional).

Self-nominations are permitted. To nominate a colleague or yourself for this award, complete this nomination form. Nominees and nominators must be current members of Apra International. Nominators may submit more than one nomination per year.

A committee of Apra members will select one (1) Distinguished Service Award recipient, and the award will be presented at Prospect Development 2023.


  • Apra membership in good standing at the time of nomination
  • At least five years of experience in the field of prospect development

Nominations are now closed. 

Each candidate will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Exhibits leadership in Apra International and/or an Apra chapter
  • Anticipates trends and displays vision
  • Contributes to the lifelong learning and knowledge of prospect development professionals
  • Promotes the profession of advancement research to other organizations within the philanthropic community in order to facilitate understanding and ongoing dialogue
  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to the Apra Statement of Ethics
  • Exhibits a personal/professional belief in philanthropy

Category Descriptions:

Below are the six categories upon which each candidate will be judged. Please be prepared to provide supporting evidence to facilitate the evaluation of the nominee’s contribution.

 1. Exhibits leadership in Apra (Apra International and/or a local Apra chapter).

Example: The candidate recognizes the need for a forum where prospect development professionals can communicate and share professional issues. Some of the candidate’s professional activities may include, but are not limited to, volunteering on Apra committees or at annual/local conference, serving as a writer for, or editor of, Connections, or serving as a director or officer of an Apra chapter.

2. Anticipates trends and displays vision.

Example: The candidate sees prospect development as an essential component to making informed decisions in the fundraising profession. The candidate recognizes the expanding nature of information management and remains attuned to trends and technology that will impact the profession. The candidate interprets, analyzes, and shares these issues with the prospect research and/or prospect management profession and, in doing so, advances the profession.

3. Contributes to the lifelong learning and knowledge development of advancement researchers.

Example: The candidate’s expert prospect development skills and fund-raising knowledge are shared with peers via a variety of formats (conference presentations, contributions to professional journals, training sessions). The candidate provides assistance to colleagues by serving as a mentor to fellow professionals in prospect development or via collaboration with colleagues.

4. Promotes the profession of advancement research to other organizations within the philanthropic community in order to facilitate understanding and ongoing dialogue. 

Example: The candidate serves as an ambassador for professional prospect development to associations such as, but not limited to, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) and Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) by conducting presentations or publishing articles. The candidate offers constructive opinions to database vendors/information providers to improve products/services.

5. Demonstrates a strong commitment to the Apra Statement of Ethics.

Example: Candidate, in word and deed, is a strong advocate for ethical policies within their department/organization as well as in the broader community of professionals in prospect research and/or prospect management.

6. Exhibits a personal/professional belief in philanthropy.

Example: Candidate’s involvement in community outreach, either in or outside of prospect development, involves the donation of time, skill, wisdom, or financial support. The candidate promotes a philanthropic approach by deed.

Please contact info@aprahome.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Award selection committee members will abstain from scoring any nominees that work at their same organization. Current selection committee members are not eligible to receive award.