Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) Form Instructions

New APRA chapters must incorporate in Illinois. Your state may also require you to apply to do business as a “foreign corporation” (a corporation registered in another state) in your state. Contact your Secretary of State for additional information.

Please read all instructions carefully on the Articles of Incorporation. Some specific instructions that are very important are noted below:

  • APRA’s executive director will be the registered agent for all chapters. Each year the State of Illinois sends an Annual Report to the registered agent to complete and return with an annual fee. APRA’s office will take care of filing this form and APRA will pay the annual fee for chapters. We will contact the chapter president 30-45 days prior to the due date to obtain a current board list.
  • The form must be filled out or typed in black ink and all signatures must also be in black ink.
  • Article 3 – the number of directors must match the number of people you list on this form.
  • Article 4 – it is important that the first paragraph reads “Educational, Research and Professional Association.”  Then list the chapter mission as the second paragraph in this section.
  • Article 6 – the addresses listed for the board members must be their home addresses, by IRS rule, and cannot be post office box numbers.
  • Make one (1) copy for your files and send the original form to the APRA office with a money order, certified check or cashier’s check payable to “IL Secretary of State” in the amount of $50. To ensure accuracy, the APRA office will file your chapter with the state of IL for you.

The APRA office should receive the filed documents from the Illinois Secretary of State to complete the next step of filing in Illinois’ DuPage County. Should you receive this form back by mistake, please forward the original to the APRA office.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Murphy at the APRA office at (312) 321-5196.