About Apra

Chapters Committee

Charge and responsibilities:
The charge of the Chapters Committee is to work with Apra International and the Chapter Leaders to identify opportunities for sharing knowledge and to enhance the efficiency of chapter operations and programming.

The Chapter Committee accomplishes these goals by co-creating resources with Apra International, providing input to Apra International’s board of directors, and designing an engaging annual Chapter Leader Summit and Chapters Share the Knowledge program.

More information on Chapters can be found here.

Committee accomplishments and activities:
Recent Chapter Committee successes include launching an integrated chapter event calendar and pivoting Chapters Share the Knowledge to a year-round virtual experience. Beyond the committee’s annual programming, current committee goals include spotlighting successes from chapters with fewer members and finalizing a quarterly check list for chapter leaders to demystify the timing of key milestones throughout the year.

Term of Service:
Committee members serve for one year, effective September 1 through August 31. The committee of 6-8 members typically meets up to once monthly via Zoom. Committee members usually spend two to five hours per month on committee activities. 

Time Committment:
Committee Chair: 8-10 hours most months. 11-14 hours in months leading up to the Chapter Summit. Committee Members: 2-3 hours per month, on average, excluding Chapter Summits. The Committee meets monthly and participates in an annual summit with chapter leaders in conjunction with a board meeting. The chair is expected to attend meetings. Committee members are encouraged but not required to attend meetings. Committee work typically commences in September and concludes in July.