About Apra

Governance Committee

Charge and responsibilities:
In accordance with established bylaws, policies, and procedures, the primary role of the Governance Committee is to evaluate and monitor board governance structures and processes, including drafting and making recommendations for policy development and performance. The Governance Committee is responsible for drafting, updating, and maintaining all organization governing documents for presentation to and approval by the Board, including Bylaws; role descriptions for positions on the Board, committees, and task forces; and policies and procedures. In addition, this committee is responsible for identifying and facilitating board development opportunities regarding governance issues. Ultimately, the committee is charged with assuring that the persons serving the organization in positions of leadership are made aware of the role descriptions that provide guidance on the functions of their position; as well as how their position fits into the overall organizational structure of Apra.

Committee accomplishments and activities:
The Governance committee’s work helps ensure that Apra remains an ethical, resilient, and well-governed association.

Term of Service:
The Chair and all members of the Governance Committee will serve a one-year term, typically from September through August. 

Time Commitment:
Time commitment is for one term and is one year in length. The Committee Chair shall call meetings as the business of the organization may require. Regular business typically requires the Committee to meet bimonthly for 1 to 1 ½ hours via conference calls. 

Workload and agreed timelines for accomplishing tasks may dictate the need for additional meeting time in a month. Additional time, independent of meetings may be required to review documents as well as to participate in feedback discussions with the Committee.