About Apra

Membership Committee

Charge and responsibilities:
The Membership committee is charged with enhancing the overall member experience and attacting new members. The Committee focuses on ensuring that the value proposition of APRA membership meets the needs and expectations of the Prospect Development and larger Advancment community.

The Membership committee is responsible for the analysis of membership trends, needs, member characteristics and behaviors with the goal of increasing member value. The committee determines recruitment and retention tactics in alignment with the APRA Board of Directors initiatives and strategic plans through the analysis and introduction of innovative pricing models and members services.

Committee accomplishments and activities:
The Membership committee’s recent accomplishments have included researching, developing, and implementing the associate membership level in 2023. This new membership level provides greater access to community members who do not have resources available to access professional membership.

The Membership committee partners with Apra staff on the development and the analysis of the biannual Membership Needs and Opinions survey. The survey is utilized to identify membership composition, salient training and learning needs, and networking interests amongst the Apra community. You can view a summary of the survey report here. Full results are available upon request by emailing tmarks@aprahome.org

The Membership committee continues to explore pricing models, content delivery and topics of interest to ensure APRA continues to meet the needs and preferences of the field. 

Term of Service and time commitment:
Committee members serve for one year, effective September 1 through August 31.  A committee of 6-8 members typically convenes monthly for one hour via Zoom. Members usually spend 1-2 hours per month attending meetings and working on designated tasks.